Work with Children's Trusts is changing

What are Children's Trusts?

Children’s Trusts are/were local partnerships which bring together the organisations responsible for services for children, young people and families in a shared commitment to improving children’s lives. Children's Trusts are changing to be Health & Well Being Boards.

What is the aim?

It exists to improve children's prospects for the future and to redress inequalities between the most disadvantaged children and their peers.

New Health & Well Being Boards will replace Children's Trusts.

What did Children's Trusts do?

Children’s Trusts developed the local strategy for improving children’s lives by delivering better services, including their health and wellbeing. Different Children’s Trusts work in different ways, depending on local circumstances. They focused on particular issues, like reducing under-achievement in early years or improving access to services for disabled children, and on new ways of working, like co-location of services and multi-agency “teams around the child”. They promoted strong joint planning and commissioning of services, especially by the local authority and the local primary care trust.

Where do we find out more?

You can download the statutory guidance below pending Health & Well Being Board guidance. MENTER had also produced a report on BME sector work with Children's Trusts in the region, also available below.

Childrens Trusts Statutory Guidance.pdf1.77 MB
NCB V4C REPORT from MENTER.pdf215.42 KB
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