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Support for BME communities and organisations

What we do to support community led BME organisations

Our role is defined as working with the BME voluntary sector and the Local Authorities to enable equality in access to and service delivery.  We also give support to organisations to enable them to grow and participate more actively in the wider community.

We can help you with

  • Setting up and running an organisation
  • Training and support for committee member’s
  • How to write realistic programs of work i.e. development plans
  • Writing funding applications and strategies
  • Support in setting up a Social Enterprise or getting charity status

For help in these areas please email Ila Chandavarkar or ring 01223 355034.

Resilient communities

MENTER works to build cohesive and resilient communities where the diversity of different cultures in Britain is valued. In 2004, the Chief Officer made one of her first speeches at a coffee house discussion to highlight the destructive impact that racism could have on resilient communities. To read this speech click here.

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