Safeguarding children and young people

Working with children or young people above all means keeping everyone safe, including workers. Child protection and the protection of vulnerable adults is essential alongside safe working practices, for example thinking about lone working practice and/or workers safety where an element of risk is involved. The protection and safety of children and young people is everyone's legal responsibility and those working with children and young people need a safeguarding and child protection policy.

MENTER works with Children Matter East (CME), the Voluntary and Community Sector Forum for Children and Young People in the Eastern region, and Safe Network to ensure useful safeguarding resources are accessible to the BME sector.

Safe Network is a partnership between NSPCC, Children England and the Child Accident Prevention Trust, who is funded by the DfE to make safeguarding resources and support more readily available to community groups. Safe Network has developed the National Core Safeguard Standards for the VCS which are supported by an online self assessment toolkit, as well as helpful guidance, example of policies & procedures and templates to assist you. There is also specific support available to BME Groups.  These resources are all available, free of charge on Safe Network’s website. 

DfE Munro Review of Child Protection in the UK (2011)2.99 MB
DoH Victoria Climbie Inquiry Report (2003)1.75 MB
Lord Laming Review of Child Protection in England (2009)1.01 MB
NCPCC Child Protection Legislation in the UK119.05 KB
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