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MENTER has always believed in the value of partnership work. The Frontline Engagement through Regional Infrastructure (FERI) project is another example of MENTER’s commitment to join forces with other voluntary sector networks and make the “civil society” sector stronger. FERI exists to support the regional consortium of VCS thematic networks, Eastern Region Infrastructure Network (ERIN ).

It is funded for a period of 3 years (2009-2012) by Big Lottery Fund.

For more information about the FERI project contact Béatrice Humarau or Jenni Jordan.

For more information about ERIN, please click here

FERI Project Aims

  • Providing regional infrastructure support e.g. Information on Big Society/other programmes and policies
  • Access to ICT support: Regional ICT helpdesk, pilot ICT interventions with rural and faith-based groups
  • Access to information and useful resources:
  • Building the evidence base  (e.g. commissioning of research projects)
  • Advocating on behalf of ERIN members to advance a priority VCS issue (commissioning)

FERI Project News

  • MENTER FERI project team contributed to the organisation of two regional events:
    • New Beginnings? Event held jointly by Eastern Region Infrastructure Network (ERIN) and Regional Empowerment Partnership (REP) February 2011
    • ERIN Priceless conference June 2010
  • ICT support delivered by FERI partner i-TRUST with more than 400 faith and rural voluntary and community organizations across the region registered for support.
  • ICT Helpline established for voluntary and community organisations 0800 0280085. Click here for more information.
  • Research conducted on the impact that the recession and funding cuts make to regional infrastructure networks in our region. To read the executive summary click here.

Over the next year the MENTER FERI team will be: 

  • Gathering information about the support services available for voluntary and community organizations in the region 
  • Developing resources for advocacy and campaigning around commissioning, a priority for support organizations in this region
  • Continuing to support the Eastern Region Infrastructure Network and ERIN website
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