MENTER Strategic Functions


1. Advocate and catalyst for the BME sector

  • Infrastructure support to BME groups / BME fora
  • Community engagement / Increased BME participation
  • Making MENTER “fit for purpose” as the regional voice for BME communities
  •  Specific work to improve BME access to education / employment / enterprise
  • CRE Participation stage

2. Strategic navigation/facilitation via intelligence/information collection

  • Co-ordination of existing research and the development of a research/consultation strategy to meet key gaps
  • Analysis of Government / other relevant initiatives and communication of this
  • Raising awareness of particular disadvantage e.g. that faced by Gypsy and Traveller communities
  • Development of good practice libraries especially with regard to engagement and evaluation mechanisms
  • Development of good practice examples e.g. BME social enterprises
  • CRE Equality stage

3. Influence on external policy and delivery

  • Development of partnership work to achieve MENTER goals with annual review of effect
  • National influence: links via the national BME partnership, Voice4Change England and the Infrastructure National Partnership, an advisory body for Capacitybuilders and the Office of the Third Sector
  • Regional: Development of links with the Regional VCS Infrastructure Consortium (RVIC) and other regional networks; Contribution, as appropriate, to the development of regional policy and delivery
  • Sub regional and local: Development of sub regional BME partnerships;  partnership with the regional county infrastructure consortia;
  • Development of a media and communications strategy
  • CRE Interaction stage

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