MENTER is planning a new international project

This autumn, MENTER partnered the Romanian Association for Community Development (ARDC) and SOS Utenti, an Italian nation-wide information and advice non-governmental organisation, to develop a new project. This project aims to improve public perceptions of migration and diversity in communities in Romania, Italy and the UK ensuring involvement of civil society organisations and the wider community at the same time. It is expected that the project will also improve exchange of information and expert knowledge on managing migration from outside the EU (European Union) within and between these countries. MENTER and the partners submitted a funding application to the European Integration Fund (EIF) under the European Commission. The outcomes of this submission are expected in February 2012. If successful, the project will start in April 2012 and will be delivered in the UK in Cambridge (through the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum - CECF) and Norwich (through the Bridge Plus project), in the Province of Pescara (Italy) and in the city of Craiova (Romania). Each participating area has experienced inward migration over the recent years and there is a lot to learn from different approaches and integration projects developed in each country. It is planned that the project will be delivered in two phases. At Phase One, a launch event will be followed by an information campaign. Community events and workshops will be organised in all three countries and learning from these events will be shared between all partners. At Phase Two, training sessions based on the Phase One events and any previous successful integration initiatives will be rolled out in each country. The project activities and events will include:

Film Nights – these free community events will provide opportunities to share films and documentaries from migrant communities’ countries of origin. Short video clips featuring interviews with people from migrant communities sharing their experiences in the receiving countries will also be shown.

 Ten Myths and 10 Truths about My Community – through these workshops members of minority communities will be invited to speak about their experiences and will be supported and trained to make videos about their lives in the new country.

Help me understand - interactive language lessons will be offered to help the new arrivals gain employment, access services and become full members of the receiving society.

The Taste of my Country – these events will celebrate different cultures, traditions, music and food. Communities will be invited to prepare their countries’ traditional dishes, share recipes, ingredients and spices. There will be plenty of activities, including music, dance and cultural workshops.

The project is expected to develop a framework for sharing best practice between countries and communities. 

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