MENTER Organisational Structure


MENTER is governed by a Board of Trustees who are elected in the following manner: two representatives from each of the six counties, one representative from each of the four unitary authorities, four co-opted places and four places for particular regional expertise. The Board has an executive arm, the Policy and Resources sub-committee with six members appointed by the Board. The Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer have automatic places. In addition, one member of this sub-committee is selected as Personnel Manager.

The staff team at MENTER consists of a Chief Officer, a Support Services Coordinator, four Strategic Development Officers, an Administrator, a Regional Equalities Partnerships Officer and a Sports Officer. The Strategic Development Officers ensure regional connection with each of the counties and neighbouring unitaries. In addition, a project funded by Connecting Communities and Lloyds TSB allow for three more staff to help develop partnerships among agencies providing services for refugees and migrant workers.

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