The importance of the diversity of service provision and the need to respond to a range of issues affecting individuals is vital.

A key MENTER goal is to work with partners to “personalise services” so that there is appropriate delivery for BME communities. “Personalising services” means both understanding the context behind the client e.g. class, age, culture etc but developing a service that is based on the individual. This means opening up assumptions about the client in order to respond to the range of needs that arise.

So, for example, a client will not be treated as an “Asian woman” but as an individual with a range of needs some of which have been influenced through culture and gender. Having diversity at the heart of service provision is essential for those who are disadvantaged or facing ‘multiple disadvantage’ such as ethnicity, age, low qualifications and skills, and other negative outcomes such as poor health and housing.

MENTER hopes to develop good practice guidance on how this can be done within mainstream provision.

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