MENTER Achievements


  • A database of 500 BME organisations; improved information on the sector through three reports (a) a membership survey; (b) a compilation of relevant census data – Ethnicity in the East of England and (c) a report, funded by East of England Development Agency, on BME access to skills / employment and enterprise services including current policy and barriers facing BME communities

  • Involvement in the East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) -  MENTER has a community stakeholder place on the assembly and representatives on EERA’s Health and Social Inclusion panel

  • Involvement in the Regional VCS Infrastructure Consortium (RVIC) and lead on the Equalities cluster looking at co-ordinating work in the region including the feasibility of a Regional Equalities Forum

  • Recognised involvement in the development of regional strategies and consultation of MENTER members in this process 

  • Partner in a regional race equality network – the Regional Race Equality Council Partnership, including regional officers of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

  • Links with Funding East, the regional funders’ forum, to improve BME access to funding

  • A programme to improve BME access to sports and fitness opportunities, funded by Sport England East

  • Membership of the regional cultural consortium, Living East, to improve BME participation and access in arts and culture

  • Membership of the Sustainable Development Round Table to influence the development of sustainable communities

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