Equality & Diversity


MENTER is committed to equality and diversity and by 2012 we are hoping to achieve success in the following areas:

  • We are working to develop a specialist equality network in the East of England encompassing members with expertise in the various equality strands, with which in partnership we can deliver training and be a single point of contact around equality issues in the region.
  • We issue on a regular basis via our mailing list an Equalities E-Bulletin, which captures legal developments around the equality Act 2010 as well as giving policy updates from the UK and EU (European Union) around equality and diversity.
  • We coordinate and respond to consultations emerging from Government in relation to equality and diversity.
  • We collect data on emerging organisations that work on the following equality areas: race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief, transgender, gender and age, which are defined in the Equality Act 2010. We highlight good practice from these organisations and also practice that deals with multiple areas of equality.
  • We collect information on access to justice in cases of discrimination and the impact of proposed legal aid reforms.
  • We are currently doing a review cross strand information and work that is happening in the East of England to identify and address gaps through new projects. 
  • We are working on developing pilot projects in partnership with local organisations around the East of England, creating links and supporting such projects to gain a European dimension.
  • We are actively making European links with a view to create transnational projects and we are collecting data around funding streams from EU &UK.
  • We are also in the process of collecting East of England data on poverty and sub sectors e.g. child poverty. 
  • We are looking at the feasibility and finding suitable partners in order to set up sector specific or ethnic specific business networks around the region.
  • We are particularly interested in how we can link our grass roots practitioner knowledge with academic research in social policy development.

If you would like to be involved or find out more about any of the above, please email our Equalities Development Officer (UK & International) at: Adelina@menter.org.uk or call her on: + 44 (0) 7932 08 88 21. 

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