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Menter Enterprises

MENTER is in the process of establishing Menter Enterprises, a social enterprise that will be a direct service delivery organization. The detailed proposal is yet to be finalized but income streams being considered include provision of consultancy and training services and contract delivery in the areas of sills, employment and enterprise e.g. as a sub-contractor under the work programme. Ultimately it is hoped Menter Enterprises will generate ‘profits’ that can be re-invested in MENTER to make it more sustainable.

MENTER is working with Marketing Consultancy students from Anglia Ruskin University to develop a marketing plan and is actively seeking secondees to assist with the development of  MENTER Enterprises business plan.

Any organisations wishing to work with or partner Menter Enterprises in the future should contact Terry Harding.

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Social Enterprise East of England (SEEE) – Network Grant

MENTER has been successful in an application to SEEE for a Network Grant to assist the development of a BME Social Enterprise Network in the East of England. Once receipt of the grant has been formalized more information will be published.

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