EMBRACE (Regional LGBT Network)

In the East of England, The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Equalities Group (VEG) is a regional network focussed to creating a greater understanding of equalities across the region. It gives opportunities to VCS organisations to share good practice and aims to break down barriers and improve choices for clients.

When the network was formed in 2005 as the Equalities Cluster of Eastern Region Infrastructure Network (ERIN), it was identified that there was no Gender, Sexual Orientation nor Transgender representation at regional level in the East of England; this lead to the formation in 2006 of EMBRACE, the regional sexual orientation and transgender network.

Embrace is a forum for LGBT community members and organisations with a remit to explore the needs and concerns of LGBT people throughout the East of England. Still at an experimental stage and with an open mind as to the viability of extensive networks at regional level, Embrace is now meeting bimonthly at a location in each of the six counties in succession. Forum Meetings are facilitated by the Embrace chair/vice chair with an agenda covering both regional and local issues with a view to maximising participation in the forum.

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