Do we need a Bill of Rights in the UK? What should it contain? How should it apply? Have your say!

The Government’s independent Commission on a UK Bill of Rights asked whether the UK needed a Bill of Rights and if so what it should contain, how it should apply across the UK and any other relevant views. The British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) is worried that this process will in fact undermine the legal protection of human rights in the UK, bolstering the current political and media frenzy calling for the repeal or replacement of the Human Rights Act.  The idea that we should scrap or undermine the Human Rights Act in order to improve the protection of human rights is nonsense.  Any system of human rights protection worth its salt will throw up decisions that those in power find unpalatable. This is after all the point of human rights – to protect us all from an arbitrary and over-reaching State. The vital constitutional checks and balances provided by the Human Rights Act and the current denigration of this system by some sections of the media and political classes is no reason to get rid of the Act, if anything it demonstrates all the more reason for standing firm.

BIHR is speaking up for the Human Rights Act. You can access more information here:

MENTER responded to the Commussion discussion paper. Please see our full response included in the previous news article.

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