Diversity in Apprenticeships: new resource available

New resource available online
The Diversity in Apprenticeship regional programme developed a new DVD resource this summer. This DVD features the case studies from the participating colleges across the East of England. These real stories of young people who benefitted from the apprenticeship programmes in our region are truly inspiring. The resource is accessible through YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1q6FTBfN7Y

About this programme

This action-research based regional programme is managed by the Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region (ACER). It aims to help colleges to promote apprenticeships to under-represented groups of young people. The programme runs until March 2012 and should see an additional 150 young people starting an apprenticeship. The eight participating colleges each have a particular focus, e.g. women into IT, widening participation to BME students, men into the health and care sector, etc. and are using a variety of methods to ensure everyone is aware of the opportunities and how valuable apprenticeships are as entry to both employment and further training.

About MENTER involvement

As a partner of this programme, MENTER is actively involved in helping the colleges develop their apprenticeship programmes with employers and communities. We provide tailored support to the colleges aiming to widen BME participation and increase diversity in apprenticeships and employment within the Eastern Region. If you would like more information about the programme or would like to find out how to take on an apprentice or how to become an apprentice, please contact Anna Allen by email: annaallen@menter.org.ukor phone: 01223 355034.

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