BME Young Offenders & Care Leavers 

Film about mentoring ex offenders:

MENTER, as part of the Department of Communities and Local Government Tackling Race Inequalities funded (TRIF) Programme, is looking to undertake consultation that may benefit black and minority ethnic (BME) young offenders (under 25s) and care leavers. The purpose of the consultation is to obtain views on how mentoring could complement existing resettlement services. MENTER wishes to explore how best to support building BME infrastructure in the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to better address BME young offenders (under 25s) and care leavers needs. In particular, to find out the specialist types of support that would be most helpful to the sector and BME young offenders; how the Government can support mentoring schemes and facilitate the sharing of skills and experience within the sector. 

MENTER aims to bring together a BME young offender and care leaver input for the VCS and we would like to invite you to take part. This will involve participating in a one-off focus group/expert roundtable or one to one interview where you will be asked to share your views and opinions on the five questions outlined in the MENTER consultation document. 

For further information, please contact Anna Burgess, MENTER, 62-64 Victoria Road, Cambridge CB4 3DU or email to or call 01223 355034

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