BTEG CJS Network

MENTER Partnership with BTEG CJS Network

The over representation of BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) communities in the criminal justice system (CJS) has been a long standing feature of life in the UK for certain BME communities. BME organisations have played a key role in both campaigning for and providing services for BME communities.

BTEG is leading a project to establish a national network of BME organisations working in or around the criminal justice system (CJS) and other agencies with a specific interest in BME communities in the CJS. MENTER is working in partnership with BTEG to support this network.

We will be working in partnership with BTEG works in partnership with CLINKS the national membership body that supports the involvement of voluntary and community organisations in the CJS and with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) who are funding the project. Together, our aim is to establish a network that can provide mutual support to member organisations, aid sustainability and provide a voice into government and policy makers.

The BTEG programme will include:

·         regular events

·         a web presence on both BTEG, CLINK’s and MENTER's websites

·         a discussion forum

·         relevant briefings with member input

·         bringing members and policymakers together to discuss relevant issues

·         case studies and profiles of member organisations

BTEG will be holding a number of consultation events across the country in September and October and initially MENTER is supporting one round table consultation. To find out more abou the CJS network in general or to join, please contact Mark Blake who is the Project Development Officer for the BAME CJS Network on 020 7843 6144

Or to attend the round table consultation supported by MENTER, please contact Anna Burgess (MENTER's Partnerships and Youth Officer) on 01223 355034


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