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Kate Belinis

Kate Belinis Kate Belinis, is the CEO of CDA Herts since 2006. She has worked in Hertfordshire and London for many years as CEO in the voluntary sector. Prior to her voluntary and community roles, she worked in the private sector for 20 years in the analytical/testing of retail products and quality assurance sectors.

She has worked in Hertfordshire and London for many years as CEO in the voluntary sector. Kate has worked for organisations working with ex-offenders, victims, women’s groups, long term unemployed, low educational aspirations, and provision of training and infrastructure support. Her experiences and skills include working with communities and individuals, especially within the protected groups, facing inequalities and accessing services in both rural and urban areas.

Kate continues to maintain an active role in several volunteer groups and sits on several Boards in Hertfordshire: Hertfordshire Community Meals; Herts Young Homeless; Herts Equality Council Presdales School and Ware Arts Centre. She is also Chair of Stevenage World Forum for Ethnic Minorities and MENTER (Minority Ethnic Network in The Eastern Region). She is also in involved in ACEVO’s Special Interest Group to promote and support leaders and inspiring leaders from the BAME communities.

She was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of Hertfordshire in 2011.


Sam Sirdar

Sam Sirdar I have been in the Race Equality movement since the 90s and have given my time to Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council since its inception.

For the past 6 years I am a Board Member of Menter.

For the last two years I have held the position of Vice Chair.

I am a Volunteer assessor and Adviser at the local CAB.

I am also on the Board of Governors at Gt Yarmouth College.



Kuldip Singh Rupra OBE

Kuldip Singh Rupra OBE I am presently serving as MENTER Treasurer and in the past have been the Chair of MENTER when it enjoyed a full complement of staff and funding was available for various projects spread over the east of England . I have lived and worked in Bedford since 1961 and have had the privilege of serving organisations like the HMS prison,Prince's Trust, Bedford Race Equality Council and many other organisations and committees.





Tap Bali (R. T. N. BALI)

Tap Bali Tap Bali is Trustee of a number of Charities, viz WHCVS, CDA for Herts, Kaleidoscope Enterprise Limited, Member of Future East, WH Interfaith Group, Council Member of Health Watch Hertfrodshire, etc, and Governor of Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation University Trust.

Till recently he was Trustee of Age UK Herts, and previously of many other charities also which he had to leave for getting old (he is 83), as also trustee of Professional bodies like IOSH (he is a Chartered Member) and Institute of Management Branches. He is a Chartered Chemist, MRSC and previously member of Management Committee, all of these for many years.

He was member of Hertfordshire Probation Trust Board for over 10 years till July 2014, and is still invited to HACRO meetings. In addition, he is invited to many Charity meetings and conferences.

His career has spanned from Lecturer, Industrial and Research Chemist, Occupational Hygiene, General Manager (India) of a UK Company, own company of Health & Safety and Training, to Director of Charity – he brought in over £600K for the charity in 4 years and grants for many other charities that he belonged to or was associated with. Funding applications is still his forte apart from contribution to necessary documents of charities.


Paulette H. Rennie BA/BSc (HONS) CIHM

Paulette Rennie Paulette's Voluntary and Professional experience spans more than four decades across Education, Health, Housing, Social Care and the Voluntary Sector.

A Trustee for MENTER for over a decade representing employers, Local Charities and Community Groups.

Paulette has served as Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of several Charities/Community Organisations, and via her employment has helped to establish and Capacity Build Local Charities within Bedford and Luton.

Paulette was part of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum (PPI) for Bedfordshire for many years. The PPI morphed into Bedfordshire LINKS, then changed into Health Watch Bedford. Paulette is an acting member of the Steering Group which helped to establish the Health Watch, and now helps to steer the work of the initiative.

In previous employment Paulette represented her employer on various forums for Community Groups/Charities, and now continues working on several of Bedford Borough Council's Partnership Boards. Paulette is also a member of the Bedford Borough Council Equality and Diversity Network.



Berni Callaghan BA (HONS) Criminology

Berni Callaghan

My name is Berni Callaghan; I have been residing in Cambridge for more than 40 years. I have been involved in various community groups in the city wearing many hats in my representation: such as school governor, chair of the Black Women Support Group, chair twice of Cambridge Women Resources Centre, and treasurer of Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum and also National Treasurer for National Ethnic Minority City Councillors. Other hats: local City Councillor, magistrate, Deputy Mayor.

Previous positions in the City Council included Community Development Officer (C.D.O), moderator and Assessor for community development works in Ipswich and other towns. Currently, I am doing my Masters in Transnational Crime.

My hobbies are travelling, Reading, Singing and creative writing. I am a dedicated woman of God who travels to preach/teach in various countries. At present I am the National and International woman president for the Church organization.

Overall, my best achievement was chairing the meeting in Cambridge on the outcome of the McPherson report on the death of Steven Lawrence.



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