Black and Ethnically Minoritised Children and Youth Sector Network (BEMCYSN)


Film introducing BEMCYPSN

The purpose of BEMCYPSN is to advise on the development and running of the Network. To be accountable to MENTER's Partnerships & Youth Officer, who is accountable to the MENTER board. and the Children Matter East (CME) board. To be a consultative body for Health and Well Being Boards that ensures core values of MENTER are upheld. To be accountable to the BEMCYSN. To represent the membership of the BEMCYSN. To influence to development of policy in the children and young people’s sector for the benefit of Black and ethnically minoritised children and young people.

Accountability and reporting links

The BEMCYSN Steering Group reports to the Black & Minority Ethnic Network for the East of England (MENTER), Children Matter East (CME) and Voice4Change. The Steering Group sits alongside MENTER, to work in partnership on issues impacting Black and Ethnically Minoritised children and young people’s services. The information gathered will be reported to the MENTER board and CME. Both of these organisations report to central government to influence policy development. The MENTER board meets regularly to discuss and deal with the operational activities of MENTER, the BME youth sector being a new recognised area for advocacy and support as part of the MENTER youth strategy. The MENTER Partnerships & Youth Officer coordinates the BEMCYSN, reports to MENTER board meetings, CME and Voice4Change. MENTER has its own mission statement, which is independent from CME and Voice4Change.

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