Africa Beats Club, Bedford (Youth Forum)

Africa Beats Club, Bedford Youth Forum is in partnership with Bedford African Community Support Project.

The project has enabled participants to learn about the roots of racism and how they can help address inequalities.  A member of the group, Obed Adubuffour ,has joined the Independent Advisory Group within the local Police Authority he is the youngest member but does not let this phase him in anyway.  Since hosting an event where he and his colleagues organised he has grown from strength to strength.  He has even sought help with discrimination he has faced in college regarding his University options.

Pauline Stepney (Youth Work Leader) says:

“This project has offered the opportunity for young people to participate in exploring their own minds with regards to how they are seen and how they indeed see themselves.  It has also offered the chance to enhance or learn new skills in subjects such as presentations, organising, art and new social skills.  They have viewed how they can be more effective in influencing change and challenging inequalities.  These in turn with other activities have enabled them to realise their potential while going through their transition into adulthood.”

For more information about the ABC, Bedford, contact Africa Beats Club

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Project outcomes

All the project outcomes have been met for year one.  Work is already on the way to meet the outcomes for year 2.  Participants will be taking doing research, taking part in peer-led activities, volunteering in the community, planning the Rites of Passage ceremony, mentoring training, researching accreditation, debating programmes to explore image and identity, participating in youth-led forum. Obed will be mentor to Lilliane and Jean Paul.

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TRIF Funding

How TRIF support helped the project

Without the TRIF support there would not have been the opportunity to work with these young people and record the reactions, conversations, views and participation there has been.  It has enabled staff and young people to see the starting points and be witness to the personal growth there has been in participants.

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When TRIF funding finishes

Funds are being sought to continue the year 2 project which is titled “Rites of passage”.  Several organisations are supportive of the scheme and it is hoped that it will continue to enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from the programme.

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