2006 - 2010

MENTER continued to be involved in forum meetings with BME regional networks and was appointed chair of this group. MENTER also joined the COMPACT sub group on the BME Code and when the group was disbanded following completion of work, helped launch a national BME partnership – the BME Standing Conference Partnership, later renamed Voice4Change England (V4CE). MENTER was the accountable body for V4CE until it registered as an independent organisation in July 2010. MENTER Chief Officer is on the V4CE Board. Through V4CE, MENTER continues to campaign for BME interests and for resources for the sector.

In the East of England, MENTER was invited as a community stakeholder to the East of England Regional Assembly and contributed to EERA’s Health and Social Inclusion Panel, Housing and Sustainable Communities Panel and the Strategic Migration Partnership. MENTER was also part of EEDA’s technical advisory body developing an equality/sustainability proofing framework for regional strategies.

EEDA funded MENTER research into BME access to skills, employment and enterprise services and as a result of this research formed a partnership with MENTER on its Ending Ethnic Inequality project.

Equalities work was expanded with funding from Capacitybuilders Improving Reach project to develop VEG and research into equalities in the region. MENTER also got Big Lottery Fund money to run projects on BME infrastructure and on general infrastructure through the regional consortium, now renamed the East of England Infrastructure Network (ERIN).

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